When people throw around the word ‘exotic’, they’re probably referring to places like Morocco & Egypt.

    Why Morocco

    A Morocco tour is basically the answer to all your Lawrence of Arabia-type fantasies (right down to the swirling white djellabas): you’ll stay in historic riads, camp beneath the Saharan stars and enjoy some classic Maghreb hospitality (usually featuring plenty of cous cous). Whether it’s the wind-battered port town of Essaouira or the crumbling Kasbahs and oases of the deep desert – ‘exotic’ doesn’t come close.


    • Marrakesh: Enjoy a good Tajine in local restaurants and explore the colorful market of this city.
    • Casablanca: Take some time to see it's medina, beachfront and classic examples of Art Deco architecture. 
    • Fes: Experience the sights and sounds of this beguiling city.
    • Desert: Embark on camel ride through the stunning dunes of the Sahara desert.
    • Tangier: Once a hotspot for artists and secret agents, this city is going through a modern renaissance.
    • Merzouga: It is a village that marks the beginning of the Sahara. At this stage, vehicles will be replaced by camels.
    • Chefchaouen: Get your Insta game on as we stop for snaps of some vibrant white and blue cobbled streets.

    Why Egypt

    With a fascinating history that reaches back to the dawn of civilization, Egypt is considered the oldest travel destination on earth. The African nation’s awe-inspiring temples and pyramids have captured the imagination of travelers for thousands of years.


    • Giza Necropolis: situated in the immediate vicinity of the southwestern suburbs of Cairo is probably the most famous ancient site in the world. 
    •  Luxor :One thousand years after the construction of the Great Pyramids, the New Kingdom arose in Egypt, and power shifted from the ancient capital of Memphis to Thebes in the south, the site of modern-day Luxor. 
    • Cairo : Located near the mouth of Nile River delta, Egypt’s modern capital is a busy, bustling metropolis with a long and turbulent history.
    • Aswan : Aswan is the base for excursions to the temples of Philae and Kabasha and to the Sun Temple of Ramses II at Abu Simbel, to the south. It is also the best starting point for excursions to the temples of Kom Ombo and Edfu, between Aswan and Luxor.
    • Sharm el-Sheikh : Sharm el-Sheikh is a well-known beach resort at the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, popular with package holiday makers and divers. It is one of the finest diving spots in the world. 
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